Tulsa Attorney BlogWhat is a DOC Sentence in an Oklahoma Criminal Case?

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Video Transcribed: What is a DOC sentence in Oklahoma? I’m Oklahoma attorney James Wirth and we’re about to talk about jail time sentences. Okay, so we already talked about some of the lower level sentences.

We talked about a deferred prosecution agreement, a deferred sentence, a suspended sentence, all of which keep you out of jail. DOC, we’re talking about jail time or we’re talking about jail time in the penitentiary.

If the sentence is over a year, then you’re looking at doing penitentiary time. If it’s under a year on a misdemeanor, it could be county time.

But, that usually comes up either pursuant to a plea deal in order to avoid a larger sentence. Sometimes a plea deal to avoid the death penalty.

It’s a blind plea and you get sentenced by the judge, without a plea agreement from the state for jail time or you go to jury trial and the default on jury trial when the jury recommends punishment and says 10 years, you don’t really get the option for 10 years deferred, 10 years to spend in the jail.

When the jury says 10 years, it means 10 years in, which is 10 years DOC time. That’s the way that that works. As far as DOC time.

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