Tulsa Attorney BlogHow Many Points Will a Speeding Ticket Add to My Oklahoma Driver’s License?

1 to 10 Over the Speed Limit Equals Is Zero Points on Your License

Video Transcribed: How many points will a speeding ticket add to my driver’s license in Oklahoma? I’m Tulsa Traffic Ticket Attorney, James Wirth. We’re talking about the point system with the Department of Public Safety on your driver’s license.

So, any conviction that you get for a traffic citation, if it’s on the list of 63 offenses, that the Department of Public Safety has in their appendix for their list and point system, then it adds points to your driver’s license.Tulsa traffic ticket attorney

The court clerk will give notice of that conviction to the Department of Public Safety, which goes on your record. When it’s requested by insurance companies, that’s what they see that causes your insurance costs to go up.

So, you want to avoid points on your license not just for insurance costs, but also if you get 10 within a five-year period that’s the loss of your license for a period of time, so you want to avoid that.

But if you get a speeding ticket, how many points is that? Well, first off, it may make sense to talk to an attorney to see if you can avoid a conviction completely. No conviction, no points. But if you were to be convicted of speeding, how many points is it? It depends on how fast you’re going over.

If you are cited with going 1 to 10 over the speed limit that is zero points on your license. Under that circumstance, so long as you’re not a commercial driver and it wasn’t in a school zone, construction zone, any of those circumstances, then it may be the cheapest option just to pay the ticket, and move on with your life.

However, if it is 11 to 25 over the speed limit, a conviction on that is two points on your driver’s license. Those points stay on there for five years that’s five years of increased insurance costs. You probably want to avoid that scenario.

If the speeding is 26 to 40 over the speed limit, it’s even more, it’s three points on your driver’s license. Those stay on for five years as well. But if it’s 40 or more over the speed limit, then you’re looking at four points on your driver’s license that stay on there for five years.

Additionally, I can tell you that speeding 40 over anything, actually over 20, 25 over, depending on your court, can be considered aggravated speeding. In Tulsa, they are cracking down on aggravated speeding. The prosecutors there are requesting jail time for aggravated speeding.

So, in addition to the points, you got to worry about those consequences as well. But as far as the point system goes, depending on how fast you’re going over, it could be anywhere from zero points to four points on your license.

If you’re dealing with this circumstance, want to look at mitigating insurance costs, you may want to talk to an attorney, see if you can avoid a conviction on that, avoid those points. Sometimes there are very good ways to do that. In order to get something like that scheduled with somebody at my office or if you are facing a traffic violation in Oklahoma, you can go online to makelaweasy.com.

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