Tulsa Attorney BlogDo Workers Compensation Benefits Count Toward Income for Child Support Purposes in Oklahoma?



Video Transcribed: Do workers’ compensation benefits count towards income for the purposes of determining child support in Oklahoma? I’m Oklahoma attorney James Wirth, I’m doing a series of videos related to Oklahoma child support and this one regards workers’ compensation benefits and how they factor in for child support.

attorney in OklahomaSo the main thing that you start within child support in determining it in Oklahoma is the parties gross income, and what is included in gross income? And the question for this one is are workers’ compensation benefits included, and they are, they’re specifically listed by statute, it’s Title 43, Section 118B, and it defines gross income, earned income, passive income, all of which are included in determining the amount of child support that somebody pays.

And under passive income it includes workers’ compensation benefit, so that does count in determining your income for determining your child support payment. Whether that’s total temporary disability benefits, permanent partial disability benefits, workers’ compensation benefits are going to count towards your gross income.

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