Tulsa Attorney BlogWhat Does “Obligor” Mean Under Oklahoma Child Support Definitions?

Obligor is the Person Obligated to Pay Child Support

attorney in OklahomaVideo Transcribed:  What does Obligor mean under Oklahoma Child Support Definitions? I’m Oklahoma attorney James Wirth. We’re doing a series of videos on Oklahoma child support. And this case deals with this video, I should say deals with a definition.

The definition that we’re handling in this one is the obligor. So what does that mean? Well, pretty common sensically, obligor means the person obligated to pay child support pursuant to a child support order.

But this term is also defined in the Oklahoma Child Support Guidelines that are statutory. So you can look it up. It’s Title 43, Section 118A, Subsection 7. What it says is, “Obligor means the person who is required to make payments under in order for child support.” So pretty clear-cut there.

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