Tulsa Attorney BlogWhat Does “Other Contributions” Mean Under Oklahoma Child Support Definitions?

Other Contributions Can Vary

Video Transcribed: What do other contributions mean under Oklahoma Child Support definitions? I’m Oklahoma attorney James Wirth, we’re doing a series of videos related to child support in Oklahoma, and we’re covering definitions.

And specifically for this video, we’re talking about the definition of other contributions, and it is defined by statute in the Oklahoma Child Support Guidelines, which can be found in Title 43, Section 118a, Subsection 9. And what it provides is that other contributions mean recurring monthly medical expenses and visitation transportation costs that are not included in the current monthly child support obligation.

attorney in OklahomaSo generally speaking, you’ve got your base child support that’s to be paid for the typical expenses that are expected, and then you’ve got daycare percentage that is put into a number and usually included in child support guideline, and then you’ve got the pro-rata share of the obligor is to pay for health insurance as well. Those things we find out, we know what the amount is, and then we add it to the base in the child support order.

But some things can change frequently and you may not know. So if you’ve got out-of-pocket medical costs, that’s not going to be in your child support order because it’s going to be different month to month.

If you’ve got transportation costs ordered to be paid, or a percentage of those, that can change month-to-month circumstance to circumstance, so it’s not going to be in your base child support order or in your child support order at all. It’s ordered that you pay, it doesn’t determine the amount.

So other contributions kind of deal with those that can vary month to month. It’s not part of this specific amount you’re supposed to pay per month for child support, it’s in addition to that, and in this definition, they are calling those other contributions.

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