Tulsa Attorney BlogWhat Does “Parent” Mean for Oklahoma Child Support Purposes?

Parent Means an Individual Who Has a Parent-Child Relationship

Video Transcribed: Does the word parent mean for Oklahoma child support guidelines definitions? I’m Oklahoma attorney James Wirth. We’re doing a series of videos related to Oklahoma child support and recovering definitions that are covered by the guidelines that are statutory. And this one is the definition of a parent.

attorney in OklahomaAnd it’s actually defined by the statute, can be found in title 43, section 118A, subsection 11. What it says is that parent means an individual who has a parent-child relationship under the Uniform Parentage Act.

So what that means is that being a parent is not necessarily automatic if you’re a dad. It may be automatic if you’re a mom, but not necessarily if you are a dad. You’ve got to look at the Uniform Parentage Act further to make that determination on whether you are a parent, as it relates to child support purposes.

Generally speaking, obviously, once you get a child support order in place, parentage has been adjudicated, then you’re going to be a parent under the act, but there could be some exceptions that fall under that. If you are a father who has not been adjudicated and you do not meet the requirements of being presumed, that’s definitely something you want to look into.

So if you’ve got questions about child support, being a legal parent in the state of Oklahoma, you’re going to want to talk to an attorney about your specifics and do so confidentially so you can receive good advice for that. To get that scheduled with somebody at my office, you go online to makelaweasy.com.

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