Tulsa Attorney BlogHow Do You Handle the Parenting Time Adjustment if you have Kids with Different Custody Schedules?

Average Parenting Time

Video Transcribed: How do you handle the parenting time adjustment if you have kids with different custody schedules in Oklahoma? I’m Child Support Attorney in Tulsa James Wirth, we’re doing a series related to child support in Oklahoma, and this one deals with parenting time adjustments, and how do you handle it when you have kids with different schedules?

attorney in OklahomaLuckily, that’s already been thought of, it is statutory, it is an Oklahoma law, it’s Title 43 Section 118-E. That is the statute related to parenting time adjustment. But if you go down to Subsection A2, it deals with when you have those different schedules.

So one kid may have 110 overnights, another kid may have 150 overnights. How do you deal with that in one child support comp? Pretty simple. What it says is that you average parenting time. If they are multiple children for whom child support is being calculated and the parent seeking the parenting time adjustment is spending a different amount of time with each child, then an annual average of the parenting time with all of the children shall be calculated, and that is what is used. Pretty simple stuff.

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