Tulsa Attorney BlogWhat Is a Bench Warrant in Oklahoma?

You’re Going to Want to Show Up to Court…


defense lawyer in TulsaVideo Transcribed: What is a bench warrant? Hi. My name is Jason Sorensen, I’m an Oklahoma lawyer at Wirth Law Office. Today we’re going to be talking about bench warrants.

Real simply, a bench warrant is an order by a judge to have you arrested because you didn’t show up for court when you were supposed to. You had a hearing date or trial date, you were supposed to appear in court and you didn’t and so now the judge is going to issue a warrant for your arrest you definitely want to show up to your hearing dates, your trial dates, you don’t want to fail to appear.

A common one that we see is that people don’t show up for child support hearings and then the judge has to issue a warrant for their arrest. You want to show up to those but, if you do get a bench warrant, speak with an attorney and they can help you out with that.

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