Tulsa Attorney BlogWhat Does “Cause of Action” Mean in Oklahoma Civil Litigation?

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Tulsa civil lawsuit lawyerVideo Transcribed: What does a cause of action mean in Oklahoma civil litigation? I’m Oklahoma lawyer James Wirth, and that is the question that we have.

Cause of action, what is it? Okay, so if you are filing a civil lawsuit, you need a cause of action and that is effectively the type of suit that you are filing. And generally, it’s going to


be based on common law, meaning case law, prior cases decided by appellate courts in Oklahoma, or it’s going to be based on Oklahoma statute. But basically, it’s some authority somewhere under the law that says, hey, you can sue for this, if you sue for this, this is what you’re required to prove, this is what kind of damages you can get. So that specific thing that you are suing for, is the cause of action. And when you file a civil lawsuit, you can have more than one cause of action and you can have alternative causes of action.

So you can say, I’m suing for this, or in the alternative, I’m suing for that. Or you can say, I’m suing for this, that, and the other, there’s no limit to the amount of cause of action you can have as long as it is the legit cause of action under state law, either common law or state statutory law. It doesn’t matter how many there are, as long as you have facts to back those up. So what is the cause of action? That is the formal thing, that is the lawsuit. That’s the thing that you are suing over.

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