Tulsa Attorney BlogWhat Is Negligent Entrustment in Oklahoma?

Be Careful Who You Leave Your Stuff With

personal injury attorney in Tulsa, OklahomaVideo Transcript: What is Negligent Entrustment? My name is Brian L. Jackson. I am a Tulsa attorney with Wirth Law Office and I want to talk to you guys about a particular topic called Negligent Entrustment.

And, basically, what that is the idea that you entrust a potentially dangerous instrumentality into the hands of somebody who clearly can’t handle it. An example of this is if you had the keys to your car to somebody that’s obviously drunk and then they go wreck the car. You could be civilly liable for damages caused by that person, because you gave them your car knowing they were drunk and in no condition to drive.

Negligent Entrustment is something to be aware of in a few contexts. If you are hosting a party at your home where alcohol is being served, this is something to be aware of, because if you allow someone to leave that Negligent Entrustment is one way in which you might be liable. If you own firearms, you may potentially have an issue there if you allow someone who is not fit to handle a firearm, for example, like a minor or a person with mental health problems or a person with addiction issues or whose otherwise obviously not fit to handle a weapon, handle your weapons.

If they injure somebody, you could be liable for the damage they cause. It’s something to be aware of. And, if you own weapons, if you have a car, which most of us do, or anything else that’s potentially dangerous of that nature …

And usually the big ones you see in a lot are stuff involving alcohol and cars. And, you’ll see from time to time people getting jammed up over stuff involving firearms. But, it’s essentially the idea of, if somebody’s obviously unable to handle that item, that is potentially dangerous, you don’t want to be letting them use it.

Yet another reason why, if you host a drinking party in your house, you don’t want to let hand your keys or any keys to your drunk friend. And if you have questions about that or if you are dealing with a civil lawsuit or a situation where you need help, you need a good lawyer and one place you can find a good Oklahoma personal injury lawyer is at makelaweasy.com.

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