Tulsa Attorney BlogWhat Makes a Parent Unfit to Have Custody of Their Child in Oklahoma?

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child custody attorney in Tulsa, OklahomaVideo Transcript: What makes a parent unfit? Hi, my name is Jason Sorenson and I’m a Tulsa attorney here at Wirth Law Office, and today we’re going to be talking about what makes a parent unfit to have custody of their own child.

Now the court defines it as a showing of a condition in life or character inhabits, which inhibit providing for the child’s ordinary comfort and contentment, or for the child’s intellectual and moral development. So if any of these things is present with a parent, then it could inhibit them from having custody over their own child.

But this unfitness must be on its own, so you’re not comparing one parent’s unfitness to another. Just because one parent is a better parent than the other, doesn’t mean that the other parent is unfit to be a parent. Now this unfitness has to be all on its own, but this is just general information.

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