Tulsa Attorney BlogCan I Leave the State during My Time with My Child or Do I Need Permission in Oklahoma?

Check for Travel Limitations before Booking

child custody attorney in Tulsa, OklahomaVideo Transcript: Can I leave the state with my child during my time with the child, or do I need to get permission from the other parent? Hi, my name is Jason Sorenson. I’m an attorney in Oklahoma here at Wirth Law Office and today we’re going to be talking about that.

So if you and the other parent both have a custody arrangement where you have time with the child and they have time with the child, do you need the other parents’ permission to go on vacation with your child, go to Disneyland or go visit some relatives in another state?

Well, generally the answer is no, you don’t need permission. However, there can be limiting language in your order that restricts you from being able to do so. Some parenting orders restrict parents from being able to leave the state or even the county with the child during their visitation time. So you would need to look through your order and make sure there’s not any limiting language that would prevent you from doing so.

Now, what about leaving the country? Can you leave the country without getting permission from the other parent? Here you would need the other parent to sign their passport, giving consent for you to take the child outside of the country.

So there is a difference between leaving the state and leaving the country. But this is just general information. If you want more specific information on your case in particular, you can visit us at makelaweasy.com to speak with a child visitation lawyer in Tulsa.

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