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How Long Is Too Long to Wait?


child custody attorney in TulsaVideo Transcribed: How long do I have to wait for the other parent to pick up our child during their visitation time? Hi, my name is Jason Sorenson. I’m a Tulsa, Oklahoma attorney at Wirth Law Office, and today we’re going to be talking about that.

So let’s say you and the other parent have a custody order and it’s their time to pick up the child for visitation, or maybe it’s their time, their week with the child, and you guys have to meet at a McDonald’s or a gas station to make that exchange. Well, what if the other parent is late? How long do you have to stick around at that McDonald’s before you can call it quits and go home?

Well, there’s no real specific timeframe that you have to wait. It really comes down to what’s reasonable. So if the other parent filed an enforcement action against you to take you to court and tell the court that you’re not doing things properly, what would you feel comfortable with telling the judge? Would you feel comfortable telling the judge that you waited around for five minutes and called it quits? Would you feel comfortable telling him that you waited half an hour? What is the judge going to see as reasonable? Because five minutes isn’t going to be as reasonable as 20 minutes and 20 minutes isn’t going to be as reasonable as 40 minutes. So it really comes down to a reasonableness issue, and this is just general information.

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