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Drug Court in Tulsa: An Alternative to Prison

Drug court is a diversionary program where, instead of going through the regular process of prosecution and serving a sentence, defendants are allowed to carry out treatment for their substance abuse issues as well as any other issues they’ve been having through the treatment overseen by the court.

In this case, a person would go to treatment programs, appear before a judge on a regular basis for evaluation of treatment progress, go to counseling, and get regularly drug-tested. Then, after a period of time generally ranging between 18 months to three years, that person would have their case dismissed. They would then be able to get that case expunged and be able to have a fresh start.

Who Can Go to Drug Court in Tulsa?

By submitting an application to a county program, individuals in Tulsa guilty of non-violent, drug-related offences may attend a Tulsa drug court. Defendants must consent to taking part in drug court rather than receiving a standard sentence. Criminal penalties are not applied to offenders who successfully complete the drug court program. Contrary to criminal court, which considers evidence and hears cases, drug court does not. The goal of drug court is to treat criminals rather than decide whether or not to send them to prison.

A Tulsa criminal defense attorney would be able to help with the application process.

What Happens at a Tulsa Drug Court?

Drug court systems emphasize substance abuse treatment and criminal rehabilitation with ongoing judicial supervision by a designated drug court judge to keep offenders on track. The drug courts collaborate with government organizations and neighborhood initiatives to offer assistance to defendants who require it. Drug courts in Tulsa could also include meetings for self-help and individual and group counseling. As part of the program, some defendants are required to find employment and obtain a GED.

In order to establish the services they require and what obligations they must satisfy, defendants who first appear in drug court will undergo some sort of evaluation. They could participate in an ADSAC test. Following the creation of treatment plans, the coordinators for the drug court will keep convicts on track by observing their advancement toward completion. The defendant is required to frequently appear before the drug court judge.

Can DUI Offenders Go to Drug Court in Tulsa?

Tulsa drug courts frequently deal with those who have committed DUI offenses. It’s for this reason Oklahoma County refers to its program as DUI/Drug Court. Receiving combined treatment for alcohol and drug problems can be very beneficial for certain people because they often co-occur. According to statistics, those who successfully finish drug court programs have reduced recidivism rates (commit fewer crimes).

Tulsa drug courts allow the city and surrounding counties to save money while also allowing the accused a given a second chance at living free and productive lives.

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