Tulsa Attorney BlogTulsa County: Judge Huber’s Cases are Being Reassigned to Judge Anthony Miller (Temporarily)

Temporary Judge Assignment: Huber to Miller

lawyers in Tulsa, OklahomaTulsa County: Reassignment of Judge Huber’s Cases

Judge Huber’s cases are being reassigned to Judge Anthony Miller. I’m Tulsa Attorney James Wirth, and just giving you notice for those people that are in Tulsa County with the family law case, if for the last bit, Judge Huber has been your judge, he’s no longer gonna be your judge, he has ascended, he got appointed to a position with Oklahoma Court of Civil Appeals, and therefore there is not a judge on his docket, so how is Tulsa County handling that?

They are having Judge Anthony Miller temporarily fill in and cover that docket. It is all part of Administrative Order 2023-8 in Tulsa County, and it notes that Judge Miller will continue also to call the COST docket, the DPS docket, the Property docket, and the Tax Intercept Hearings docket, as well as the McGirt docket, it sounds like, but in addition to that, he is going to be taking over Family Docket D that was previously being handled by Judge Huber until they have a more permanent replacement.

What This Means for Your Case

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