Tulsa Attorney BlogWhat is the End-Game of Tulsa Drug Court?

drug court in tulsa

The aim of Drug Court in Tulsa is to reduce recidivism.

This is done by providing alternatives to traditional criminal justice processes for individuals charged with drug-related offenses.

Here are some common goals of Drug Court in Tulsa:

  1. Reduce drug use and related crimes – decrease the use of illegal substances and lower rates of crime associated with drug use.
  2. Provide treatment –prioritize offering treatment and rehabilitation services to help individuals overcome substance use disorders.
  3. Reduce recidivism: By addressing the root causes of drug use and providing support, these programs aim to prevent participants from re-offending.
  4. Improve social functioning: Through rehabilitation and support, Drug Courts may help participants improve their social and occupational functioning, aiding them in becoming more productive members of society.
  5. Cost-effectiveness: Drug Court programs often seek to reduce the societal and economic costs associated with drug-related crimes and imprisonment. Providing treatment instead of jail time can be a more cost-effective solution in the long term.

The end goal is for you to finish the program and receive what we call graduation. That’s a ceremony where we recognize the accomplishment that you’ve made in dealing with substance abuse issues. At that ceremony, you will also receive a dismissal of the case that brought you into the court and eligibility to have that case expunged from your record, recognizing a fresh start for yourself. You may still have some fines to pay off or some fees still to be paid off, but they’re not a result of a criminal conviction, so they will not be on your record.

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