Tulsa Attorney BlogHB 3918: New Law Requires Notice of Communication to Be Filed & Given to DA and Victims

New law increases transparency in commutation process.

lawyers in Tulsa, OklahomaHB 3918: New Law Requires Notice of Communication to Be Filed & Given to DA and Victims

My name is James Wirth, a lawyer in Tulsa. A new law requires notice of commutation to be given to the district attorney and to victims of the crime. I’m Tulsa attorney James Wirth, and that is the topic of the video that we have here. It is a new law that went into effect November 1st of 2022, and that is from House Bill 3918.

And that bill requires if the governor signs off on a commutation, or commutation is granted, notices to be given to the court clerk to file in the case and given to the district attorney within 30 days, and then is incumbent upon the district attorney to provide notice of that commutation to victims, if applicable, of the crime that was commuted.

What Does This Mean for Victims and Their Families?

So obviously that is gonna be viewed by the people putting it into law as being a victim’s rights issue to where we wanna make sure that any victims of potential crimes know if the perpetrator is being commuted. This law ensures that victims and their families are kept informed throughout the commutation process and can have a say in the decision-making process. It provides them with some peace of mind and helps them feel that their voices have been heard.

Also though, it does provide pressure on the pardon and parole board, as well as the governor regarding the granting of commutations, noting that it’s gonna be in the court file and given to the district attorney that ultimately prosecuted that case. This adds an extra layer of accountability to the system and ensures that such decisions are made with utmost care and consideration.

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