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  • 3 Magic Words to Make a Marijuana Charge Disappear in Oklahoma

    Three magic words to make a misdemeanor marijuana charge disappear in Oklahoma. That’s right. I’m Oklahoma attorney James Wirth and I’m about to tell you the way that two laws that went into effect around the same time, can work together to make a medical marijuana charge disappear by stating three magic words.

  • Can a Protective Order Be Vacated in Oklahoma?

    Can a protective order be vacated in Oklahoma? I’m Oklahoma attorney James Wirth, and I’m about to answer that question for you. If there’s an order in place and it’s vacated, it’s not the same as the protective order expiring. When it’s vacated, it undoes the granting of it in the first place. So it’s like it never happened under those circumstances. So it’s better to get it vacated than just to have it expired.

  • Can Oklahoma Protective Orders Follow You For The Rest Of Your Life?

    Can protective orders be expunged in Oklahoma or are they going to haunt you for the rest of your life? I’m Tulsa attorney James Wirth, and I’m about to answer those questions. Can a protective order be expunged in Oklahoma? Yes, they can. In fact, the vast majority of protective orders are eligible for expungement. What you want to look at is what was the end result of the case.

  • Reclassified Oklahoma Felonies Can Be Expunged Within 30 Days

    Starting Nov. 1, non-violent offenses previously classified as felonies can be expunged as misdemeanors, regardless prior convictions or other pending charges. The only statutory requirement for fast track expungements are full payment of restitution and completion of any court-ordered treatment programs. Convictions are eligible for expungement 30 days after completion of a sentence.

  • Oklahoma Justice Reforms Spell Reduced Sentences for Thousands

    Incarceration for Oklahoma probation violation on most felony drug possession or low-dollar property crimes are now limited to one year. Justice reforms approved in 2019 also mean inmates passed over in Oklahoma’s historic November mass commutation are likewise eligible for consideration in light of new laws under the state’s usual commutation process.

  • Oklahoma Sentencing Reform Offers Non-Violent Offenders a Second Chance

    Faced with budget shorfalls and growing prison populations, Oklahoma lawmakers in 2018 reduce sentences for non-violent property crimes, extended opportunies for parole, made probation slightly easier to complete and allowed some lifers to plea for sentence modifications.

  • New Law Makes it Easier to Expunge Criminal Records in Oklahoma

    An Oklahoma expungement reform that takes effect Nov. 1, 2018 reduces waiting periods and eliminates pardon requirements before individuals may seek expungement of criminal records. The reform affects those previously convicted of no more than one non-violent felony offense.

  • Tulsa Expungement Attorney on KTUL’s Good Day Tulsa

    Changes in Oklahoma expungment law now make it easier than ever to get Oklahoma court records sealed. Tulsa expungement attorney James Wirth explained the new expungment laws to Good Day Tulsa’s Erin Christy.

  • Tulsa Expungement Attorney

    Expungement: Almost Like It Never Happened Are old court records making it difficult for you to find employment, win trust of colleagues, or pass background checks? You might need the counsel of a Tulsa expungement attorney. Many people who have a brush with the law reach deferred prosecution agreements that let them comply with conditions […]