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  • Newsweek Asks Wirth Law Office to Explain Oklahoma Animal Abuse Law

    Newsweek recently took advantage of Wirth Law Office’s ongoing commitment to providing free online legal information. A Newsweek article reported an arrest involving an employee of a Tulsa dog groomer who was charged with felony animal abuse. Seeking clarity on Oklahoma’s laws surrounding animal abuse, Newsweek turned to Wirth Law Office’s comprehensive collection of articles on the subject. Our team is dedicated to ensuring that individuals are informed and aware of their legal rights.

  • Tulsa Attorney James Wirth’s KTUL Interview on Securing 10-Year-Old’s Birth Certificate

    Tulsa Attorney

    Fortunately, Tulsa Attorney James Wirth stepped in to assist Willow’s family during this tumultuous period. He recognized the complexities of the situation, explaining, “The laws can be complicated if you haven’t worked in this before and you don’t know how it works, it can be very difficult.” James Wirth offered his legal expertise to help the family navigate these intricate legal hurdles, starting by sending a letter to Willow’s school to facilitate her enrollment.

  • Kansas Court Rules “Driving on Drug Corridor” Can’t Be a Factor in Detaining Motorist!

    Tulsa criminal defense attorney

    Kansas Court Rules “Driving on Drug Corridor” Can’t Be a Factor in Detaining Motorist! Learn more about this landmark ruling MakeLawEasy.com.

  • HB 3270: Case Dismissed Cost to Defendant? Not Without Judicial Approval.

    criminal defense attorney in Tulsa, OK

    HB 3270: Learn about the new Oklahoma law on case dismissals. Find out who bears the cost and how judicial approval is now required.

  • Kansas Two-Step Ruled Unconstitutional; So What About OHP’s Consensual Encounters?

    traffic ticket attorney in Tulsa

    Kansas Two-Step ruled unconstitutional, raising concerns about Oklahoma’s consensual encounters. Learn more from MakeLawEasy.com

  • What Is Oklahoma Highway Patrol’s Consensual Encounter Tactic?

    tulsa traffic ticket attorney

    Learn about Oklahoma Highway Patrol’s consensual encounter tactic and how it may violate constitutional rights. Talk to attorney James Wirth.

  • The City of Tulsa Creates a Night Court on Thursdays

    court attorney in Tulsa, Oklahoma

    The City of Tulsa has introduced a new night court on Thursday evenings at the Tulsa Municipal Court. This initiative aims to assist individuals who work during the day and find it difficult to attend court for their traffic or city-related tickets. Starting from September 7th, a separate docket will be scheduled for Thursday nights, allowing working people to avoid taking time off work. The specific details of how the dockets will be handled are not yet known, but it is anticipated that the court will maintain its usual flexibility. Additionally, Spanish speakers will have the benefit of a free translator at the Thursday night docket. If you need legal advice or further information, it is recommended to consult with an attorney privately.

  • How Do You Get Service if You Don’t Know Where the Defendant Is?

    Oklahoma court lawyer

    In the legal world, getting service on a defendant can be a challenge if you don’t know their whereabouts. Tulsa Attorney James Wirth explains the process. Typically, you can serve someone through certified mail or by a process server, but what if you have no address or information? This is where service by publication comes in, but it’s not automatic. You must demonstrate to the court that you’ve exhausted all other means of service. This may involve hiring a private investigator or conducting a skip trace. Once approved, you publish notice in a legal newspaper. If there is no response, you can obtain a default judgment. Remember, every case should have a means of service, even if it requires extra effort. If you’re struggling with service, consult an attorney for advice tailored to your situation.

  • The Best Time for a Father to Complete a Paternity Case Is When the Parents Are Getting Along!

    paternity determination lawyer in Oklahoma

    In this blog post, Oklahoma lawyer James Wirth discusses the best time for a father to complete a paternity case. He emphasizes that the ideal time is when both parents are getting along. Wirth explains that many fathers reach out to lawyers when they are facing difficulties in their relationship with the mother. However, if the parents start getting along better, they may question the need for a costly court process. Wirth advises that even if things are going well, it is important to complete the case to establish enforceable rights and have a court order in place. He encourages readers to seek legal advice for their specific circumstances and provides information on how to schedule a consultation with his office.

  • OCCA “Clarifies” How People Representing Themselves Will Be Treated. (M-2023-356).

    Tulsa criminal defense attorney in oklahoma

    In this blog post, Tulsa Attorney James Wirth discusses a recent clarification by the Oklahoma Court of Criminal Appeals regarding how people representing themselves will be treated in court. The case in question involved a person appealing traffic tickets and seeking guidance on court procedures. The court’s response stated that individuals representing themselves will be held to the same standards as licensed attorneys, emphasizing the importance of legal knowledge and experience. Wirth highlights the challenges faced by pro se litigants and advises seeking legal help and advice if considering self-representation. To schedule a consultation with his office, readers are directed to visit MakeLawEasy.com.

  • Tulsa Attorney James Wirth’s Interview with KTUL 8 about Oklahoma Mother’s Case Delayed by McGirt

    Tulsa Attorney

    The case involves an Oklahoma mother seeking justice for her five-year-old daughter, who was a victim of a shocking incident perpetrated by a 13-year-old boy. Despite the suspect’s voluntary confession, the case encountered significant delays due to the McGirt v Oklahoma ruling, leading to a transfer of jurisdiction to Muscogee Creek Nation.

  • New Law Makes It a Misdemeanor to Spy with a Drone in Oklahoma

    Tulsa misdemeanor attorney

    New Oklahoma law that classifies spying with a drone as a misdemeanor. Learn more from our video series on new state laws.

  • New Law Requires Better Reporting of Municipal Convictions in Oklahoma

    Criminal Defense Attorney in Oklahoma

    Discover how a new law in Oklahoma mandates better reporting of municipal convictions. Learn more at MakeLawEasy.com.

  • HB 3135: Misdemeanor Defendants Now Eligible for Community Sentencing under New Oklahoma Law.

    Oklahoma Misdemeanor Defense Lawyer

    New Oklahoma law, HB 3135, allowing misdemeanor defendants to receive community sentencing. Learn more from us at makelaweasy.com.

  • New Law Makes it Easier for Convicts to Get Occupational Licenses in Oklahoma

    Tulsa criminal defense attorney in oklahoma

    Looking for occupational licenses in Oklahoma? HB 3002 makes it easier for convicts to get licensed. Contact us for more info.

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