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  • Divorce vs. Legal Separation in Oklahoma: What are the Differences?

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    One of the big differences, there’s two primary big differences, but the first one has to do with jurisdiction. In order to file for divorce in Oklahoma, you have to be a resident for six months of the state, and a resident of the county for 30 days to file in that county court. That’s for the divorce requirements.

  • 3 Magic Words to Make a Marijuana Charge Disappear in Oklahoma

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    Three magic words to make a misdemeanor marijuana charge disappear in Oklahoma. That’s right. I’m Oklahoma attorney James Wirth and I’m about to tell you the way that two laws that went into effect around the same time, can work together to make a medical marijuana charge disappear by stating three magic words.

  • Did HR Marry You and Your Significant Other?

    Did your company’s HR rep accidentally marry you and your significant other without you knowing about it? Believe it or not, it happens. I’m Oklahoma attorney James Wirth, and I’m about to tell you about how common law marriages can be established without you knowing it.

  • Does Oklahoma Recognize Common Law Marriage?

    Once you are common law married, like I said, if you want to undo that, you can’t just do a common law divorce, that doesn’t exist. You have to go through a regular dissolution of marriage process. That can sometimes be complicated when people don’t do that. Because a lot of times, the more complicated cases we see, they’ve entered into a common law marriage sometimes without knowing it, sometimes with knowing it. They didn’t dissolve it, they got into other relationships, they have other kids.

  • Covid-19 Impacts Emergency Custody in Oklahoma

    The Oklahoma Supreme Court has put out rules that have limited greatly what can be done in courts right now during this lockdown isolation period. Also, each county court most county courts have also put out their own rules restricting things. But there are certain things that we can’t shut down, no matter how bad it may get. And those things include..

  • Does Covid-19 Jeopardize Divorce Filing in Oklahoma?

    As of April 2nd 2020, Oklahoma Courts are closed for most things. If you go down there, there’s going to be security that’s going to see whether you can even get into the courthouse, but certain things are open… The things open will surprise you.

  • The Facts Behind Emergency Custody for Potential Coronavirus Exposure in Oklahoma

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    So there’s been this one order going around on social media where actually a tribal judge here in Oklahoma purportedly granted a change in custody on an emergency basis without hearing from the other side primarily because the parent was working in the healthcare industry and could have been exposed to the Coronavirus. There was no specific information that, that person was exposed. The allegations were based just on the line of work. And the post goes on and talks about that at 10 o’clock, “Law enforcement showed up at my house and forcibly removed my child and gave it to dad just because I work in the healthcare industry.”

  • Can Visitation Be Denied Due to the Coronavirus?

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    There have been parents who get visitation normally, but are being denied visitation from the other side saying that it’s a danger to transport the child, or have the child in more than one house, or some other circumstances. What can you do under those circumstances? What are you entitled to do?

  • Can You Stop Paying Child Support After COVID-19 Layoff?

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    Tulsa attorney James Wirth discusses child support and the Covid-19 pandemic and how they affect each other. Okay, so first off, if there is a court order for child support. It’s based on making a certain amount of money and then losing your job due to a layoff or due to other circumstances from the Coronavirus.

  • Is the Coronavirus Grounds to get out of Jail in Oklahoma?

    Oklahoma Department of Corrections has decided that they’re no longer going to receive new inmates from county. Generally, somebody gets charged in a county court, once they’re convicted, they pull chains, and they get sent off to Oklahoma Department of Corrections. And then, they get placed into a penitentiary system there. That’s no longer happening.

  • Does Covid-19 Affect If Oklahoma Law Offices Are Open? Are Lawyers Essential?

    Are lawyers essential? Do we really need them? I’m Tulsa attorney James Wirth and I’m about to talk to you about the executive order and whether law firms are going to remain open. So Governor Kevin Stitt in Oklahoma on March 24th 2020, entered an executive order that ordered the closing of all non-essential business. Are law firms essential, are lawyers essential, are they going to remain open during this time period?

  • The Gospel Behind Oklahoma Immigration Enforcement and Waivers of Inadmissibility

    If you’re facing a ICE hold, you want to reach out and you want to find an immigration lawyer that can help you. Now, if you are in a place where you are seeking to get your status sorted out and you’re not currently in detention, you’re not currently having issues, there are things you can do. One of the ways that we’re able to help people here is some folks are in a situation where they have maybe a spouse, maybe a family member who is a US citizen, could potentially sponsor them for immigration status.

  • Coronavirus Impacts Immigration Court Proceedings

    Currently, as of this date, 20th of March, the immigration courts are shut down. What we’re seeing are all the hearings that were going to be occurring in person are being pushed off. What does that mean for your particular case? In short, it depends..

  • Immigration Enforcement Effected By Covid-19

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    One of the concerns that we have here is there is a lot of inaccurate information being circulated, and potentially damaging inaccurate information. One of those rumors that seems to be spreading is that there is a stepped up effort at Immigration Enforcement, including ICE raids. And what I want to say about that is that, first and foremost, there doesn’t seem to be any evidence at all that that’s occurring anywhere in the United States, and it is certainly not happening in the state of Oklahoma right now.

  • The Misinformation Behind Covid-19 and How It Affects Immigration Law

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    In today’s media, there has been a lot of misinformation concerning Covid-19 and how it affects Immigration Law. Thankfully, Attorney Ted Hasse is here to answer any legal questions one might have when it concerns anything immigration law.

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