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  • DHS to Start Pocketing a Share of Your Child Support

    Oklahoma child support services

    Oklahoma DHS Child Support Services has announced plans to charge custodial parents a 3 percent fee – per child – for collecting support payments from a non-custodial parent. A Tulsa child support attorney explains.

  • Wirth Law’s Okmulgee Attorney Speaks Out on Motion to Disqualify Judge

    Okmulgee attorney Justin Mosteller

    The Tulsa World quoted Wirth Law Office’s Okmulgee criminal defense attorney Justin Mosteller in an article about Okmulgee District Attorney Rob Burriss’ Motion to Disqualify Judge Ken Adair from hearing criminal cases in Okmulgee. The judge stayed action in about 200 cases for more potnetially than three months until the Motion to Disqualify is resolved. Mosteller said the motion could have a chilling effect on judges who question the truthfulness of police testimony.

  • Okmulgee District Attorney Wants Judge Disqualified

    Okmulgee County District Court

    The Okmulgee County District Attorney is seeking the disqualification of an Okmulgee judge after the judge on four occasions over four years ruled that police officers lied or embellished facts during testimony. The DA’s Motion to Disqualify does not dispute the judge’s rulings, but claims they could represent a bias against law enforcement.

  • Wirth Law Office Tulsa Attorneys Are Moving Up

    Seventh Street Tulsa Attorneys

    A move to firm-owned offices located near Tulsa County District Court will anchor Wirth Law Office as a premiere member of the Tulsa legal community and solidify our reputation among Tulsa’s fastest growing law firms.

  • Oklahoma Informed Consent Requires Disclosure When Assistants Perform Surgery

    Tulsa medical negligence attorney

    The Oklahoma Supreme Court has reversed a district court decision in a Tulsa medical negligence case where a patient said she had not given informed consent for an assistant’s involvement in surgical procedures. In Oklahoma medical negligence claims, evidence that a patient did not consent to a particular assistant’s participation can be a reason to take a case to trial, the court concluded.

  • Tulsa Expungement Attorney on KTUL’s Good Day Tulsa

    Tulsa Oklahoma expungement lawyers

    Changes in Oklahoma expungment law now make it easier than ever to get Oklahoma court records sealed. Tulsa expungement attorney James Wirth explained the new expungment laws to Good Day Tulsa’s Erin Christy.

  • Rape-Kit Task Force Could Spark Flood of Oklahoma Rape Charges

    Tulsa sex crimes DNA defense attorney

    An Oklahoma governors panel tasked with explaining a backlog of rape kits in police evidence warehouses has the potential to start a flood new Oklahoma rape charges against innocent people based on trivial DNA evidence and contrived theories of a crime. A new look at old DNA evidence could, however, result in wrongfully convicted people finally finding justice.

  • State Court Defines Primary Physical Custody in Oklahoma Joint Custody Orders

    Tulsa child custody attorneys

    In a landmark child custody ruling, The Oklahoma Supreme Court has decided parents who share share joint custody of a child may not petition to relocate the child unless a court has declared one parent to be the primary physical custodian. A Tulsa child custody attoroIn a landmark child custody ruling, The Oklahoma Supreme Court has decided parents who share share joint custody of a child may not petition to relocate the child unless a court has declared one parent to be the primary physical custodian. explains how the ruling affects parents with various types of child custody in Oklahoma.

  • Oklahoma Supreme Court Finds Speedy Trial Violation in DUI License Revocation

    Oklahoma speedy trial violations in DUI cases

    The Oklahoma Supreme Court handed down speedy trial guidelines for DPS drivers license revocation hearings, suggesting the hearings must be scheduled within 60 days after DPS receives a request for a hearing. But DPS has been notoriously reluctant to accept its losses. While the new precedent could pave the way for streamlined hearing process, we anticipate the DPS docket will remain clogged with cases the Supreme Court would likely dismiss but DPS will more likely refuse to let go until told to do so by a superior court.

  • Wirth Law Office Expungement Attorney in the Tulsa World

    Tulsa expungment lawyer

    Tulsa expungement attorney James Wirth sponsored a full-page ad in the Jan. 29, 2017 Tulsa World to explain the benefits of sealing court records in view of recent changes in Oklahoma expungement law.

  • Appeals Court: Oklahoma DUI Prosecutions Can Rely on Invalid Rules

    Tulsa DUI Breathalyzer Attorney

    Oklahoma Court of Criminal Appeals concluded DUI attorneys cannot challenge admissibility of breathalyzer results based on the Board of Tests failure to follow state rules for authorizing breathalyzer equipment.

  • Tulsa Common Law Marriage Attorney on Fox 23

    Oklahoma courts require clear and convincing evidence when a common law marriage is alleged. Common law marriage can occur with a meeting of the minds between two partners who agree to be married, but proving that agreement can be a more complicated endeavor.

  • New Law Allows Fast Track Expungement in Oklahoma

    attorney for expungement in Tulsa Okla

    A Tulsa expungment lawyer explains how people convicted of some misdemenaors are immediately eligible to have the conviction removed from public records. Wait times for other expungments were cut from 10 years to five years. The law also allows some people convicted of two non-violent felonies to seek expungment.

  • Tulsa Personal Injury Attorney Interviewed on KTUL-TV

    Tulsa personal injury lawyer

    Tulsa auto accident attorney James Wirth spoke with Tulsa’s Channel 8 about the limits of auto liability coverage and how policy limits affect personal injury lawsuits in Oklahoma. The reporter needed more information about Oklahoma personal injury law after a victim of the 2015 Oklahoma State University homecoming crash filed a lawsuit seeking compensation for damages.

  • Can I Get A Tulsa Public Defender if I Post Bail?

    Tulsa bail bond attorney

    Posting bond can reduce your chances of getting a court-appointed attorney in Oklahoma. Yet, even if you post bond, when you appear in court without an attorney the court must still ask whether you can afford an attorney. If a court fails to ask about your ability to pay for legal counsel, any decisions the court makes while you do not have a lawyer might be reversed on appeal.

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