Tulsa Attorney BlogRemarkable Settlement

Car Wreck SettlementToday’s settlement is not the largest one for the firm, or even close to it, but it is remarkable in another respect. The amount of the settlement is over 3 times (300%) more than the client’s previous attorney told her was the best offer she would get.

This client retained the Wirth Law Office in February of this year after having another attorney. She was injured in a minor car wreck, but she had medical bills and other damages. The first attorney she retained was one that you have probably seen promoting his Tulsa personal injury firm in television advertisements. The final offer this attorney received to compensate her was $5,000.00. The letter the insurance company sent to this attorney indicated that this was the “last offer.” The attorney told the client this is the most you are going to get and suggested she settle. She instead fired that attorney and retained the Wirth Law Office. Within a few months, the Wirth Law Office had the claim settled for $15,750.00.

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