Tulsa Attorney BlogSept. 27, 2018: Tulsa Lawyers Q&A on Z-104.5 The Edge

Tulsa lawyer on the Morning EdgeTulsa lawyer James M. Wirth teamed up with the Morning Edge crew on Z-104.5 again this week to field listeners’ questions about Oklahoma legal topics.

Josh and Chuck discussed with their attorney friend the value of warning someone that “You’ll be hearing from my attorney.” Once again, Chuck was taken back that he would have to hire and pay an attorney before the threat would have much meaning. We think he’s brighter than that but we don’t want to spoil his long-time gig as a side-man and comedic fall-guy on morning radio.

When asked whether a person could be fired for any reason in Oklahoma, the lawyer’s answer was yes, unless they have a contract. Josh asked — pointedly — if Chuck has a contract. We suspect it’s ersatz tension and part of the act. You decide.

Other topics this week included driving a company car with expired tags, speeding tickets issued when there was no speed limit sign, defaming public officials, getting fired for an unfair reason, posting videos of neighbors online and drug court.

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