Tulsa Attorney BlogDo You Have To Pay A Filing Fee Or Court Charge To Get A Protective Order In Oklahoma?

The Protective Order Statute Stats There’s Not To Be A Filing Fee.

Video Transcribed: Do you have to pay a filing fee or court cost, to get a protective order in Oklahoma? I’m Oklahoma Attorney James Wirth, and I’m about to discuss that issue. Okay, do you have to pay a filing fee to file a petition for a protective issue in Oklahoma? No. Unlike most filings at the domestic counter, if you’re filing for divorce, or filing for guardianship or paternity or custody, or for summary judgment, they all have filing fees associated with them. But not protective orders. The protective order statute specifically provides, there’s not to be a filing fee.

Okay, well, what about court costs? There are no costs initially. However, if the protective order is granted, court costs can be ordered against the defendant. And if the protective order is found to be frivolous, then the court could order the plaintiff, the petitioner, to pay the court costs. But it is very frequent that if the protective order is granted, the defendant’s ordered to pay cost.

If the protective order is denied, most often, the cost is waived. But, technically under the right circumstances, it could be ordered against the petitioner. But it’s unlikely, it doesn’t happen most of the time.

But don’t take my word for it. If you’ve got a specific case going on, you’re going to need specific facts and opinions based on your circumstances. Contact an attorney for that. You can call me at (918)-932-2800. Again, the number is (918)-932-2800.


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