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At Wirth Law Office We Help People Out With Legal Questions All the Time for Free


Video Transcribed: Where can I ask an Oklahoma legal question for free? I’m Tulsa attorney James Worth and I’m answering frequently asked questions today. And that’s one of them that comes up is how do I get legal advice for free?

Well, first off at my office we have people answering the phones, helping people out with more general questions all the time for free.

For Oklahoma legal representation, we charge a retainer and we represent clients in court and handle those.

But for an initial consult, we generally do those over the phone, we don’t charge for that. Other options for free legal advice or perhaps representation.

Legal Aid of Oklahoma provides that for low-income people under certain circumstances.

If you’re a victim of domestic violence, then DVIS, D-V-I-S, provides legal representation and help for some people under those circumstances.

And then we also have in Oklahoma three law schools, we’ve got TU, OU, and OCU. I believe all three of them, and I know OU and TU have them, they have legal clinics.

They have attorneys that are on staff at the university mentoring law students. They provide free legal representation for certain types of cases to certain people. So those are some resources.

If you’re looking for a cheap representation, Tulsa County Bar Association has a referral line where I believe you pay some nominal fee and you get a consultation for a half hour and a quote for further representation beyond that.

So those are some of the general resources available. If you want to talk to a Tulsa Criminal Attorney at my office then you can contact us. You can go to makelaweasy.com to do that.

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