Tulsa Attorney BlogWhat Traffic Offenses are Four (4) Points on Your Driver’s License in Oklahoma?

There Are 63 Different Offenses That Can Result in Points: Either One, Two, Three, or Four Points

Video Transcribed: What traffic convictions are four points on your driver’s license? I’m Tulsa Traffic Ticket Attorney, James Wirth and we’re talking about the driver’s license point system in the State of Oklahoma through the Department of Public Safety where if you get a conviction for a traffic citation, notice of that conviction goes from the Court Clerk to the Department of Public Safety.

They put that as a point on your license. When insurance companies request your driving background, that’s what they get that causes the increased insurance rates. And if you get 10 points in 10 years … I’m sorry, 10 points in five years, then you lose your driving privileges.

So there are points. There are 63 different offenses that can result in points: either one, two, three, or four points. But this video is talking about the ones that are the maximum number of points without the automatic loss of your license, and that’s four points.tulsa traffic ticket attorney

And there are only two of them currently on there. And those are reckless driving. You get a conviction for reckless driving, that’s four points on your license. You can expect quite a bit of an increase in insurance costs. Sometimes it can actually result in loss of your insurance depending on the company and what the rules are for getting people insured.

The other one on there is speeding if it’s 41 miles per hour or more over the speed limit. So 41 over or more, it’s four points on your license. If it’s speeding and it’s less than that, then depending on how much over the license could be anywhere from three, two, one or three, two or zero points on your license.

But if it’s 41 miles per hour or moreover, then it’s four points on your license. One that used to be four points on your license was a failure to stop or remain stopped for a school bus loading or unloading children. That used to be four points on your license. But under Aaron’s Law that went into effect around 2011, that was taken off this list and went to automatic revocation of your driver’s license. So it’s no longer points. It straight to revocation if you get a conviction on those.

With any of these offenses, if you can avoid the conviction, even if you got the ticket, if you could avoid the conviction, then that means that you do not have it reported to the Department of Public Safety for points. Sometimes an attorney can talk to you about how to do that or what your options are for fighting it. If you want to talk to an attorney about your specifics, you can go online to schedule that with somebody at my office. You can do that by going to: makelaweasy.com.

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