Tulsa Attorney BlogThe City of Tulsa Cyberattack: Wirth Law’s James Wirth Spoke to News Channel 8 About the Matter

Tulsa Tells Residents “Protect Your Data”

what is a bill of attainderSummary: The city of Tulsa has warned residents their personal information could have been leaked to the dark web following a ransomware attack on the city last month.

The city announced that hackers obtained more than 18,000 city files. The leaked files are mostly police citations and internal department files.

Tulsa Attorney, James Wirth told KTUL NewsChannel 8, “We get quite a bit of call regarding identity theft and we’ve done a little bit of representation in that regard. There may be a possibility for legal action, we’d need to know more of the specifics, also it’s different when you’re dealing with a government agency as opposed to a private company. There are sovereign immunities in place for government entities that make it more difficult and may limit what you’re able to do.”

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