Tulsa Attorney BlogWhat Does “Incarceration” Mean Under Oklahoma Child Support Definitions?

This Is A Relatively New Thing in the Child Support Guidelines

attorney in OklahomaVideo Transcribed: What does incarceration mean in Oklahoma Child Support Guidelines? I’m Oklahoma attorney James Wirth. We’re doing a series related to child support in Oklahoma and we’re going over some definitions, and the definition for this video is incarceration. What does it mean? What does it mean to have incarceration in a case? It means somebody’s locked up.

They’re in DOC. They’re unable to be out and working, but where’s the line drawn exactly? Is somebody on probation or under DOC custody but out and able to work on work release, are those people incarcerated or not?

Well for child support purposes, it is defined and it’s in Title 43, Section 118A, Subsection 5. What it says is, “Incarceration means an obligor is in the custody on a full-time basis in a local, state, or federal correctional facility. Incarceration shall not include probation, parole, work release, or any other detention alternative program that allows the obligor to be gainfully employed.”

This relatively new thing in the Child Support Guidelines where if somebody’s incarcerated, then it does provide them some relief on child support obligations without them necessarily filing with the court, that’s kind of a brand new thing and that’s why it’s included in the Oklahoma Child Support Guidelines definitions.

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