Tulsa Attorney BlogOK Child Support: You Submitted a Medical Bill to the Other Parent; How Long Do They Have to Pay?

They Have 45 Days

attorney in OklahomaVideo Transcribed:  You submitted a medical bill for your child to the other parent, how long do they have under Oklahoma law to get that paid to you or reimbursed to you?

I’m Oklahoma Lawyer James Wirth and that is the question that we have is if you have an out-of-pocket medical expense for your child, how long does the other parent have to reimburse you or pay you back for that? And that is statutory. This is part of our series on the Oklahoma child support guidelines.

You can find this in Oklahoma law books in title 43, section 118F, subsection I, and what it provides is the parent that obtains that medical treatment has 45 days to give notice of that expense and that treatment to the other parent.

And then that parent has 45 days to provide reimbursement or to pay the pro-rata share of that expense. So the answer is part of the 45/45 rule. The parent has 45 days to give him notice of the expense. Then the other parent has 45 days to reimburse or pay that expense. If you need to speak to a Tulsa family law attorney or a Tulsa Child Support Collection Attorney
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