Tulsa Attorney BlogWho Pays the Children’s Health Insurance Premium in a Child Support Case in Oklahoma?

Both Parties Will Split It

Video Transcribed: Who pays the health insurance premium in a child support case in Oklahoma? I’m Oklahoma Lawyer James Wirth. And that’s the question that we have. It is part of a series that we’re doing on the Oklahoma child support guidelines.

So the question is if you’ve got a health insurance premium, which is generally something that you have, it’s ordered by the court, typically for the parents to obtain health insurance for the minor child and maintain that if they have the ability to do so.

attorney in OklahomaSo who bears the burden of that cost? And the answer is that it’s going to be split. So depending on which parent obtains it, it could be obtained through their employers, they may be paying the initial cost, maybe coming out of their check. However, it’s all factored into the Oklahoma child support guidelines and that child support order.

So if the primary custodial parent has health insurance through their employer, then it’s going to come out of his or her check. However, the pro-rata share of that, that is ordered to be paid by the other party is going to be added to the child support obligation that that party receives.

So if we’ve got a health insurance premium, say 200 bucks, the parties have equal income, that means that they’re going to split it 50, 50, because it is based on their pro-rata based on their income.

If one party makes more, they’re paying a larger percentage of health insurance. If they make less, they’re paying less percentage. But in this case, we’re saying they make equal income, so they’re going to pay 50%.

So one parent is paying the full 200 coming out of their check, but then the obligor’s percentage, the 50%, the $100 is going to be added onto their child support. And they’re going to receive that on a monthly basis to reimburse for half of the amount that came out of the primary custodian check. If you need to speak to a Oklahoma family law attorney or a Oklahoma Child Support Collection Attorney please visit makelaweasy.com

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