Tulsa Attorney BlogOklahoma Personal Injury: Why Do I Have a Medical Lien after My Car Wreck?

A Lein Can Be Helpful if You Don’t Have Medical Insurance


personal injury attorney in TulsaVideo Transcribed: Why do I have a medical lien after my car wreck? Hey, everyone. Christopher Stevens here, a certified paralegal with the Wirth Law Office in Tulsa, Oklahoma, specializing in Oklahoma personal injury law.

Today we’re going to be discussing why you might have a medical lien filed against you after your car wreck.

Now, most of us have heard of liens in the past. A lot of the time we think they refer to personal property, such as, say, a house where a person maybe goes, they do a lot of work on the property and then if they don’t get paid, they file a lien against said property. And while your medical lien is similar, it’s also slightly different.

Now, medical providers, a lot of the time after a car wreck, if they still have a patient that they say, “Hey, I really want to help this person, but they don’t have any health insurance,” what they can do is what’s called third-party billing. They will file a lien against the insurance claim for that person. So they’ll file it with the state of Oklahoma saying, “Hey, I provided these services and I am also filing a lien against the car insurance claim that this person has as a result of being the victim of a motor vehicle collision.”

Now, these can be pulled up through a variety of firms. They’ll have access to it, such as our firm. We’ll reach out to people and let them know, “Hey, this was filed against you and you might be entitled to compensation.”

So if you happen to get a letter from us or if you find out that one of your medical providers did file a lien, feel free to reach out to us. We can be located at wirthlawoffice.com and makelaweasy.com where you can get help from a Tulsa accident lawyer.

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