Tulsa Attorney BlogHow Does the Tulsa Municipal Court Determine What Division You’re Case Is In?

There Are Three Main Divisions


Tulsa traffic ticket attorneyVideo Transcribed: How does the Tulsa Municipal Court determine what court division my ticket is in? I’m Tulsa Attorney James Wirth, and that is the question.

Tulsa Municipal Court, generally speaking, has three main divisions in it. And each one has a separately assigned judge. And they also have a separate prosecutor generally in there, although the prosecutors do rotate after a certain amount of time.

So how is it determined which one it’s in? Well, in order to randomly assign them, they do it based on the citation number. So you want to look at the last digit of that citation, that should tell you which one it’s assigned to. Also, a lot of times they’ll write on the ticket which division it is, most of the time with Roman numerals, or sometimes they write out a one, two, or a three to let you know which one it’s in.

So what’s the rule? Well, if your ticket ends in a one, two, or three, it’s going to be division one. Numbers four, five, and six, are division two. Seven, eight, nine, or zero, it’s division three. However, what happens if you have more than one citation? They’re not all going to be in different divisions. You go by the one with the lowest number, and that determines what division all of those tickets from that particular event are going to be in.

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