Tulsa Attorney BlogWhat Forms Are Needed to Enter a Plea Deal in Tulsa Municipal Court?

Here Are the Two Forms That Are Required


Tulsa criminal defense lawyerVideo Transcribed: What forms are needed to enter a plea in Tulsa Municipal Court? I’m Tulsa lawyer, James Wirth. I’m doing a series, answering some questions generally related to municipal court in Tulsa, the Tulsa City Court. And this one is, if you’re going to enter a plea deal, what forms are necessary? So when we go to county court representing defendants, a lot of times there’s multiple forms you need, your Lumpkin, your Rule eight, truth in sentencing, waiver of the two judges. There are many different ones that could come up.

In municipal court, it’s a little bit simpler. So what forms do you need? Well, first off, if it is a case that does not involve the potential of jail time based on the offense, so based on the offense charge, there’s no range of punishment, includes jail time, and doesn’t include a fine. Of above $500, then you don’t need any forms at all. You can just do that orally in front of the court. It could be entered that way.

However, if it has a range of punishments that includes either jail time or a fine of above $500, then you will need some forms and some paperwork done. However, it’s not that onerous, compared to what we’re used to in county court. You would need a record of a plea for that. And then, if there’s going to be any probation, whether that be as part of a deferred, suspended, or continued sentence, then you’re going to need your rules and conditions of that probation. Those are the two forms that you need to have as part of entering that plea.

However, there are going to be costs associated that are handled separately from that, if you’ve got fines and expenses to pay, and if you have to do some work hours, then you got to check in to do things like that. But as far as entering the plea, just those two forms. Or, if there’s no possibility of jail time based on the offense, and no possibility of a fine above $500, then you can actually just enter that without any forms and do that orally.

But you’re not going to want to do that alone if you’re charged with a citation in Tulsa Municipal Court, or any court really. You’re going to want to have competent legal representation, and you’re going to get advice based on your specific circumstances confidentially from a lawyer. To get that scheduled with an Oklahoma criminal defense attorney at my office you can go online to makelaweasy.com.

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