Tulsa Attorney BlogWhat Is a Temporary Order in an Oklahoma Divorce Case?

A Plan for Peace during Divorce

Tulsa divorce attorneyVideo Transcript: What is a temporary order in a divorce case? My name is Jason Sorensen. I’m an attorney in Tulsa, Oklahoma at Wirth Law Office and today we’re going to be talking about temporary orders in divorce cases.

So after you file for a divorce in Oklahoma, there’s still certain things that need to be worked out while you’re waiting for the divorce to be finalized, because sometimes divorces can take a long time, even years to be finalized.

So there’s things that need to be dealt with during that time while you’re waiting for that divorce to be finalized, such as child custody and what to do with marital property during the time being.

So what a temporary order does is it gives exactly that temporary orders on what to do with the belongings of the marriage, such as property and custody of the minor children. So the temporary order gives a temporary plan, a short term plan for the two parents, the two spouses to follow while they’re waiting for the divorce to be finalized, so that way the children can still be seeing both parents, they can still have time with mom and have time with dad. And then it can also do things like stop the parties from being able to sell marital assets because that would be unfair to the other spouse.

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