Tulsa Attorney BlogDeath Row Dilemma: KTUL News Channel 8 Interviews Tulsa Attorney James Wirth on Richard Glossip

Oklahoma’s Execution Controversy


Oklahoma lawyersRichard Glossip has been on death row for 24 years and has evaded execution nine times. In just under a month, he is set to be executed, despite new concerns from Oklahoma Attorney General Genter Drummond about some testimony and evidence in his case.

News Channel 8 interviewed Tulsa Attorney James Wirth about the case, who expressed shock at the attorney general’s response and discussed the court ruling that the case had been thoroughly investigated and reviewed. Although Glossip has not provided sufficient information to overturn his conviction, Drummond recently asked the Court of Criminal Appeals to vacate the conviction due to undisclosed information.

Wirth also discussed the authority to prevent an execution, ultimately resting with the high court and governor’s office. Many have come forward on Glossip’s behalf, including Oklahoma State Representative Kevin McDugle, who stated that the state made many errors and asked for someone to do the right thing.

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