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Fighting for justice and attorney’s fees rightfully owed

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As an Oklahoma lawyer, I recently fought for attorney’s fees from the state of Oklahoma, and I am happy to share my experience with you. In this video, I will explain how recent changes in the law allowed us to get prevailing party attorney’s fees and how we won a forfeiture case for our client.

The Case

Our client was accused by the state of Oklahoma of allowing someone to deal controlled dangerous substances (CDS) and drugs on their property. However, our investigation showed that our client had no knowledge or consent of such activities. The state attempted to forfeit our client’s property, which was many acres in size, and that is where our office was retained to fight for our client’s rights to maintain their real estate.

Ultimately, we prevailed in the case, and the state even paid $3,500 for our attorney’s fees. If you find yourself in a similar situation where the state of Oklahoma is trying to take your vehicle, money, or land, it is crucial to hire a lawyer to fight your case.

Prevailing Party Attorney’s Fees

Recent changes in the law allow you to get prevailing party attorney’s fees if you win on a forfeiture case. This means that if you are innocent, and the state has no evidence against you, you can win the case and get attorney’s fees paid by the state. This is a significant win for those who have been falsely accused and have had their property seized by the state.

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