Tulsa Attorney BlogWhat Is an Out-Of-Service Order for an Oklahoma Commercial Driver?

CDL lawyers in TulsaUnderstanding Out-of-Service Orders for Oklahoma Commercial Drivers

I’m Tulsa lawyer James Wirth. An out-of-service order for an Oklahoma commercial driver is a notice issued by law enforcement or inspectors from the Department of Transportation. It is given when a driver is found to be in violation of federal transportation laws or regulations. These violations can be related to the driver’s condition, the number of hours they’ve been driving, or any other federal violation regarding transportation and commercial vehicles. The order prohibits the driver from operating a commercial vehicle for a specified period of time.

The period of time for an out-of-service order can range from 24 hours to several months or longer. During this time, the driver must complete the specified time and take steps to rectify any issues related to their violation. Only after addressing these issues, will they be allowed to drive again.

Legal Assistance for Commercial Drivers Facing Out-of-Service Orders

If you are facing an out-of-service order or any other legal issue related to commercial driving, it is important to seek legal guidance promptly. A skilled attorney can provide you with legal advice and representation to help you navigate the legal process and protect your rights.

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