Tulsa Attorney BlogWill I Be Terminated from the Tulsa Drug Court Program if I Commit Another Offense?

Tulsa Drug Court

What is Drug Court in Tulsa?

Drug court in Tulsa provides non-violent drug offenders the option to forgo jail time in favor of receiving drug treatment. Participants in the program are closely watched through regular alcohol and drug testing designed to promote complete abstinence from substances. The treatment program is extremely regimented, has well-defined therapeutic objectives, and provides rewards for program completion.

Drug court generally does not incarcerate people who test positive for drugs or alcohol. Unless the participant offers a direct threat to public safety, drug courts typically apply less severe punishments before locking up an offender.

Termination from Tulsa Drug Court

Part of eligibility to participate in drug court in Tulsa is agreeing to violating any more laws in Oklahoma or any other state in the United States. If you do violate the law, that would be considered a grave violation of your agreement. The consequences you can face are termination from the program. Whether you in fact are terminated will depend on factors such as the nature of the new offense, your history of compliance with the program, and the policies of the particular drug court you are involved in.

Other Penalties

In some cases, drug court participants who commit new offenses may face sanctions such as increased supervision, more frequent drug testing, or additional treatment requirements. In more serious cases, the participant may be terminated from the drug court program and face traditional criminal justice proceedings for both the original and new offenses.

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