Tulsa Attorney BlogHB 3053: Drug Court Change That Could Be Unfavorable for 1st Time Offenders in Oklahoma

New Law in Oklahoma Drug Courts: What’s Changed

lawyers in Tulsa, OklahomaUnderstanding HB 3053 and Its Impact on Drug Court for First-Time Offenders in Oklahoma

My name is Tulsa lawyer James Wirth. Drug court is a program that allows individuals charged with drug-related offenses to avoid incarceration and receive the help they need to overcome their addiction. While drug court has been successful for many, a new law in Oklahoma has changed how drug court operates, specifically for first-time felony offenders.

The law in question is House Bill 3053, which went into effect on November 1, 2022. The bill provides changes to how drug court operates, particularly for first-time felony offenders. Under the previous law, if a first-time offender completed drug court, their charges were dismissed. However, the new law expands this to also allow for a deferred sentence of up to two years.

Changes to Drug Court for First-Time Offenders

Under the new law, upon successful completion of drug court, first-time offenders may be given the option of having their charges dismissed or receiving a deferred sentence of up to two years. During this time, they would continue to be on probation, and if they violate their probation, they could potentially face jail time.

While this change may seem minor, it could have significant consequences for first-time offenders in Oklahoma who are trying to overcome addiction and avoid a criminal record. It’s important for individuals who are facing drug charges to understand all of their legal options before agreeing to a plea deal.

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