Tulsa Attorney BlogTulsa Attorney James Wirth’s Interview with KTUL 8 about Oklahoma Mother’s Case Delayed by McGirt

Tulsa Attorney James Wirth offered insights into a concerning case during an interview with KTUL Channel 8. The case involves an Oklahoma mother seeking justice for her five-year-old daughter, who was a victim of a shocking incident perpetrated by a 13-year-old boy. Despite the suspect’s voluntary confession, the case encountered significant delays due to the McGirt v Oklahoma ruling, leading to a transfer of jurisdiction to Muscogee Creek Nation.

More than four years later, there has been no trial, and the mother is growing increasingly frustrated with the situation. She believes that her daughter’s rights have been sidelined, and the influence of the suspect’s attorney over the proceedings is exacerbating the family’s distress.

In response to these concerns, Muscogee Creek National Attorney General Geri Wisner emphasized their commitment to seeking justice for all victims. However, Wirth pointed out that delays are a common occurrence within Muscogee Creek Nation’s justice system, shedding light on the challenges facing the case.

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