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Wirth Law Office recently earned notice in a renowned nationwide publicatioTulsa criminal defense attorneyn as a result of our ongoing commitment to providing free online legal information. Newsweek cited Wirth Law Office in an article about alleged animal abuse by an employee of a Tulsa dog groomer.

The man was charged with felony animal abuse after the employer contacted Tulsa police about a dog that had died. Newsweek turned to Wirth Law Office’s extensive online collection of articles about Oklahoma law to learn exactly what state statutes say about animal abuse. Read the Newsweek article here: Tulsa Attorney Explains Oklahoma Animal Abuse Laws.

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Wirth Law Office Oklahoma criminal defense attorneys are dedicated to providing comprehensive legal resources to individuals seeking information on various legal matters, including animal abuse. Our Tulsa law firm‘s extensive online collection of articles on Oklahoma law can help you understand your rights and obligations when facing criminal charges.

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