Tulsa Attorney BlogTulsa Attorney James Wirth’s KTUL Interview on Securing 10-Year-Old’s Birth Certificate

Willow, a 10-year-old girl, faced the distressing obstacle of being unable to attend school simply because she did not possess a birth certificate. The root of this issue traced back to her mother’s prior marriage, which had never been officially dissolved, even after Willow was born with a different partner. The situation became further complicated due to the legal implications in Oklahoma, which recognized her current husband as the legal father.

This predicament led to a protracted legal battle that involved claims of paternity, disputes with Vital Records, and a seemingly endless back-and-forth. Willow’s grandmother, Lee Moss, vividly recalls the confusion and frustration that arose during this ordeal. According to Lee Moss, when her daughter tried to secure her granddaughter’s birth certificate, she was told, “No, you can’t have it because now you’re married, and according to the laws in Oklahoma, because you’re married to someone else, he is the legal father of your children.” This unexpected legal entanglement left Willow’s family bewildered and desperate for a solution.

Fortunately, Tulsa Attorney James Wirth stepped in to assist Willow’s family during this tumultuous period. He recognized the complexities of the situation, explaining, “The laws can be complicated if you haven’t worked in this before and you don’t know how it works, it can be very difficult.” James Wirth offered his legal expertise to help the family navigate these intricate legal hurdles, starting by sending a letter to Willow’s school to facilitate her enrollment.

“We were able to get a letter over to the school and get enrollment going right away,” said Wirth, recounting the first steps toward resolving the crisis. Moreover, not long after Willow’s story was publicized in the news, a birth certificate miraculously arrived in the family’s mailbox. However, this certificate was far from perfect, as it contained inaccuracies regarding the father’s name. But Attorney Wirth didn’t stop there; he continued to assist the family in rectifying these errors and ensuring that the correct information was included on the birth certificate.

The family marked this significant milestone with heartfelt celebrations. They even went the extra mile by creating a “Happy Birth Certificate Day” cake, symbolizing their joy and relief at finally overcoming the birth certificate challenges. In the end, Willow’s story highlights not only the importance of legal expertise but also the compassionate efforts of individuals like Attorney James Wirth, who make a profound difference in the lives of those facing complex legal dilemmas.

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