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  • 10th Circuit Says No Rounding For Age of Consent Law

    Days Count in Statutory Rape Age Differences How would you interpret a statutory rape law that permits sexual contact between an 18 year old and someone four years younger? Does it mean an 18 year old and a 14 year old, or someone born within 48 months of the day the 18 year old was born? The United States Court of […]

  • Oklahoma Court Erodes Confrontation Clause Shield Against Hearsay

    An Oklahoma court has decided a defendant does not have the right to confront authors of a list that tracks cold pill purchases used as evidence in criminal trials. The decision chips away at a constitutional protection known as the confrontation clause. The confrontation clauses of the Oklahoma Constitution and United States Constitution alike afford […]

  • Grand Jury Calls for Standardized Oklahoma Giglio Policies

    No Rogers County Officials Indicted An Oklahoma grand jury has recommended that the Oklahoma Attorney General’s office draft model policies to guide prosecutors’ handling of information that could assist criminal defendants. The recommendation was the most substantive result of a grand-jury investigation into alleged wrongdoing among Rogers County prosecutors and police. The clock ran out […]

  • SCOTUS Opens Door to Expanded Reliance on DNA Evidence

    The U.S. Supreme Court on Monday issued a ruling that effectively allows police to routinely take DNA samples from anyone arrested on suspicion of a crime. The ruling reflects a troubling trend away from protection of privacy and respect for constitutional protection against searches and seizures. Coupled with the court’s recent indifference toward warrantless wiretaps […]

  • In Oklahoma Felony Means Prison — Except When It Doesn’t

    The concept of legal certainty embodies one of the most basic requirements for the rule of law. Legal philosophers and international bodies alike recognize society’s need for a predictable system of laws so that those who live under the law can regulate their conduct with certainty. Sociologists provide scientific support for the idea that individuals […]

  • An Oklahoma Debtors Prison: Tulsa Jail Overcrowded by Indebted Inmates

    The Tulsa County jail is growing dangerously overcrowded. The facility has exceeded its official capacity for the past eight months. According to a report this month in the Tulsa World, the jail’s population could soon exceed official capacity by nearly 20 percent: 300 more than the 1,700 inmates the jail is designed to hold. What […]

  • What is a Tulsa Criminal Justice Lawyer

    You might be surprised how much time some Tulsa criminal justice lawyers spend freely answering people’s questions about law. For some of us, it’s a way to let prospective clients get to know us before they retain us as their criminal defense lawyer. Many who approach us with questions are encountering the criminal justice system […]

  • Avoiding Wrongful Convictions in Oklahoma: Stopping False Confessions

    The Problem With False Confessions If the police suspect you of a crime, don’t expect them to help you. The police are in the business of putting the bad guys in jail. But, what happens when an innocent person has been marked as “the bad guy?” It is here where knowing your rights and knowing […]

  • Avoiding Wrongful Convictions in Oklahoma: Eyewitness Identification

    After studying the currently known list of wrongful convictions in Oklahoma, the Oklahoma Justice Commission has made recommendations to help prevent further wrongful convictions. One of these areas of view, and the topic for today, is Eyewitness Identification. What’s in a Lineup? Before we can begin to discuss the recommendations of the Commission, first, we […]

  • Justice Commission Targets Wrongful Convictions in Oklahoma

    A commission charged by the Oklahoma Bar Association to find ways to improve reliability of criminal convictions has returned some advice for state officials. The panel identified a long list of reforms that could reduce the frequency of wrongful convictions in Oklahoma. Led by former state Attorney General Drew Edmondson the commission reviewed how false […]