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  • Wirth Law Office Expungement Attorney in the Tulsa World

    Tulsa expungement attorney James Wirth sponsored a full-page ad in the Jan. 29, 2017 Tulsa World to explain the benefits of sealing court records in view of recent changes in Oklahoma expungement law.

  • New Laws Allow Oklahoma Expungement Sooner, More Often

    Some Oklahoma misdemeanors can be expunged after one year. To learn more, call a Tulsa expungement attorney at (918) 932-1681.

  • Published Wirth Law Office Case Spurs Change of Law

    Expungement In Oklahoma Made Easier Nobody wants to lose in court – especially when a case goes all the way to an appellate court. Wirth Law Office was disappointed when the Oklahoma Court of Civil Appeals ruled against us in a 2012 case where we tested the language of an expungment law. Fortunately, our loss […]

  • Expungement in Oklahoma Will Get a Little Easier

    It will soon be a little easier for some people to get court records sealed after a misdemeanor or non-violent felony conviction in Oklahoma. A bill Gov. Mary Falin signed in May, 2014 and which is set to take effect Nov. 1, 2014 reduces several requirements for expungement under Oklahoma law. Even if you have […]

  • Oklahoma Misdemeanors Further Defined in Expungement Case

    In the language of law, it is called expunction or expungement. In popular parlance, it is often called having your court records sealed. In Oklahoma, a person arrested for a crime or convicted on criminal charges in certain circumstances can petition a court to seal their records. One of those circumstances involves a misdemeanor conviction […]