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  • Among Asset Forfeiture Nightmares, Oklahoma Laws Loom Large

    The nationwide investigative journalism project ProPublica has released a report detailing nightmare scenarios surrounding the widely used civil forfeiture process. Under civil asset forfeiture laws state, local and federal agencies routinely seize property from individuals who sometimes have not been convicted – or even charged – with a crime. According to ProPublica, the city of […]

  • Wrongful Conviction: Tulsa Court Must Rule on Actual Innocence

    A Tulsa judge who last year vacated a 1996 robbery conviction must now make a determination of the man’s actual innocence, the Oklahoma Supreme Court determined in a July, 2013 opinion. The opinion clears the way for the man to file a wrongful conviction claim against the state of Oklahoma. In a case championed by […]

  • Court Blocks Retroactive Oklahoma Sex Offender Registry Rule

    With an eye toward removing potentially hundreds of names from the Oklahoma sex offender registry, the state Dept. of Corrections is reviewing details of more than 7,700 listed sex offenders. The review follows a June 25 state Supreme Court decision that found retroactive application of revised sex-offender registration rules violated a state constitutional provision against […]

  • The Dangers of Being Unrepresented: True Story

    Abraham Lincoln had it right when he stated, “He who represents himself has a fool for a client.”  Maybe the term “fool” is a bit harsh, but pro se litigants (representing themselves) almost always lack an understanding of court procedure and generally lack an understanding of the law, which can have devastating consequences in their […]